NBA preseason presents a period of low betting volumes. The season is not popular with bettors. The question is; why do we have fewer people betting during the NBA preseason? This article presents some possible reasons why bettors could be shying away from the NBA preseason betting.

Disadvantages of NBA Preseason Betting

  • Less Predictability

It is hard for bettors to predict the outcomes of the NBA preseason games because of a lack of sufficient information. Sometimes they are forced to make guesses on which team might win the game. Since the teams are also testing their players and strategies for the regular season, it is difficult to predict the players are playing in the preseason matches. Also, there is no information on their strengths and the dynamics within the teams. Some teams do not play NBA preseasons to win but to test their strategies. In this case, it makes it complicated for bettors

  • Less Information Availability

During the regular season, bettors are always updated regularly on national websites as well as local newspapers. These channels devote a lot of time and space to cover NBA players and teams, and they also gave their analysis which keeps bettors updated and gives them a sense of which players and teams are attractive for betting on. During the NBA preseason, the coverage is quite reduced, and there is less analysis of what is going on in the field. This makes it hard for bettors to effectively bet on preseason matches.

  • Bankroll Straining

Enough bankroll is important if you want to make money in any betting. For you to take advantage of the regular season, you need enough bankroll. However, betting during NBA preseason can strain your bankroll and reduce the bankroll you have for the regular season because it is not easy to win preseason bets to replenish your bankroll.