Journalist and TV host Vladimir Posner commented on the situation with the dismissal of long-time commentator and host of club TV “Sacramento kings” Grant Napear.

“To begin with, when popular unrest breaks out, we have to forget about such concepts as democracy. The figures show that in America we are dealing with popular unrest: 600 cities of the country are affected by these unrest, they last for more than two weeks, and hundreds of thousands of people participate in them – this is American data.

During such large-scale protests, not only phenomena that contradict democracy are inevitable, but also phenomena that contradict the law. They can break Windows, smash and Rob stores, turn over and set fire to cars. Think of 2019 and the “yellow vests” in France.

About Grant Napear. To begin with, no one fired him, he resigned himself. But let’s get to the point. The Black Lives Matter slogan originated long ago as a result of police violence against African-Americans. This slogan, in fact, no one rejected, because everyone, or almost everyone, in America understands that the life of a white man is valued incomparably higher than the life of a black man. Against the backdrop of what is happening now in America, to answer “Every life is important” to the question “How do you feel about the slogan Black lives matter?” is at best to be an idiot. This is about the same as the answer to the question “do you think it is important to pass a law on the protection of women?”: “We must protect everyone.” Of course, every life is important, but everyone knows that the real life of a black person is not considered important, in particular, by the police, there is complete arbitrariness and lawlessness. Against this background, it is more than stupid to respond in this way. Napear realized this, but realized it late,but he quit.

Neither I nor anyone else is calling on the Americans to do anything. How can I, while living and working in Russia, engage in appeals to people in another country? This is just nonsense. To blame me for “pandering to rampant crime” is, to put it mildly, nonsense. I could have said it harder, ” Posner wrote on his website.