Attacking defender Tyler Dorsey and Maccabi FOX tel Aviv have signed a new contract that runs until 2022. On may 21, the player returned to Israel from the United States and agreed a new deal with the club. Dorsey’s previous contract with Maccabi had an option to extend for the 2020/21 season. Dorsey’s performance in his first season in the Euroleague for Maccabi is 9.9 points on average per match.

Euroleague lacks two votes to resume the season

Tomorrow will be a meeting of the Euroleague, which will decide whether the current season of the Euroleague will be completed.

In order to make a decision on resuming the season, the majority of teams with a license must vote for this option (6 out of 11). At the moment, only 4 clubs are in favor of resuming the season, these are: real Madrid, Barcelona, Anadolu Efes and Maccabi, while: CSKA, Milan, Fenerbahce, PAO and Olympiacos are against.

Representatives of the Pro-Union of Euroleague players also spoke out against the resumption of the season.

Maccabi tel Aviv shows interest in Ante Zizic

Maccabi tel Aviv is showing interest in Cleveland center Ante Zizic, Eurohoops reports, citing Israeli media. According to the source, the Croatian center is considered as a replacement for Tarik black, who decided to leave the Israeli club.

At the end of the 2019/20 season, Zizic will become an unrestricted free agent. At the time of the suspension, the player averaged 4.4 points and 3.0 rebounds per game.

Michael Jordan’s billions are due to his mother.

Michael Jordan is now one of the most talked-about personalities in the world of sports due to the release of the documentary “the Last dance” on Netflix. The film is mostly about the Chicago bulls team of the 1990s, but it also touches on moments in Michael’s personal life. Jordan is the epitome of success, even if you ignore his dominance on the basketball court. Michael is the owner of the Charlotte hornets, the first former NBA player to achieve this status. Business Insider estimates Jordan’s current wealth at $ 2.1 billion. All this could not have happened without Deloris Jordan, Michael’s mother, who had a huge influence on his development.

Deloris peoples is a former Bank teller from North Carolina. In 1957, she married loader operator James Jordan. They had five children, the most famous of which is Michael. His Marriage has two older brothers, Larry and James Jr., an older sister, Deloris, and a younger sister, Roslyn. Of course, there was often rivalry between children in childhood. Deloris Jordan did everything possible to prevent these pranks from escalating into serious conflicts. In the early 1970s, the Jordan family was not poor. James became the shop Manager and head of equipment at the factory, and Deloris became the head of customer communications at the Bank. However, the family still did not have the opportunity to live on a large scale. Michael’s siblings worked part-time after school and helped their parents with the housework. Jordan himself avoided domestic work by all means, as he was extremely lazy. At school, Michael did not show zeal for learning and was often punished for misconduct. It’s a good thing that Michael showed a penchant for sports from an early age. Jordan seriously considered becoming a baseball player, but in the end decided on basketball. However, no matter how impressive Michael’s natural talent was, it had to be properly directed and guided on the right course. This task fell on the shoulders of Deloris’s mother. Father James was not serious, had a penchant for gambling and alcohol, and “went to the left”. In General, the presence of a business streak-definitely not about James. Although this doesn’t mean that Michael didn’t love and appreciate his father.

Deloris was very far-sighted. There was no need to rush to the NBA. In the end, the big money still came to Michael, and his professional career developed rapidly. In 1984, Michael Jordan signed a contract with Nike, which specifically designed Air Jordan sneakers for him. The project was so successful that later Air Jordan became an independent brand that operates to this day and is one of the leaders in the sports goods market. The most promising players in the modern NBA, Luka Doncic (Dallas Mavericks) and Zion Williamson (new Orleans Pelicans), chose to join the MJ brand. But let’s go back to 1984. Nike employees were relieved that Deloris had handled Michael’s business, otherwise there would have been excesses. James Jordan was simply not capable of solving serious questions. In addition, Michael himself was a very conflicted guy who could only be restrained by his mother.

“I can say that Deloris is the most impressive person I have met in my life, because I managed to bargain for such a life for my son. I could tell by Deloris’s reaction. Someone was offering them a partnership instead of just paying Michael a salary. And she loved it. This woman is everything. Michael loved his father, it’s true. But Deloris was in charge. We trusted Deloris Jordan. She was always immaculately dressed and behaved like an educated woman, whereas James was rather rude and uncouth. James was a scoundrel, and he caused a lot of problems. It was terrifying. He owed money to various people, while his son was making millions, ” says former Nike sports marketing Manager Sonny Vacaro in Roland Lazenby’s book Michael Jordan. His Airiness”, translated into Russian by the publishing house “Bombora”.