The 2006 Olympic champion in speed skating, Russian state Duma Deputy Svetlana Zhurova shared her opinion on the initiative of the organizers of sports competitions to support the Black Lives Matter movement. Before the start of the competition, athletes get down on one knee.

“In the US, the issue of inequality and racism has always been acute, but what does sport have to do with it? Why does someone have to kneel in sports? This is done only for the sake of hype, so that you do not get pelted with tomatoes in social networks. People do it for that purpose, not because they feel that way. This is the most amazing thing. Many participants in these actions have an internal protest, I am sure. What about the NBA, for example, where most players are black? Will we also put all the whites on their knees there? ” – Zhurova is quoted as saying by Sport-Express.

Recall that the first to support racial equality on one knee in 2016 was former NFL player Colin Kaepernick during the national anthem of the United States.

Expert: 52-year-old Jordan would have killed Prime LeBron

Famous TV host Skip Bayless suggested that it would be if the 52-year-old legendary former Chicago bulls basketball player Michael Jordan, who finished his career, came out to play one-on-one against the Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James.

“If right here and now Michael stops Smoking cigars, changes his diet, if you give him about two months in the off-season to get himself back in some sort of basketball shape… We are talking about the psychologically most resilient superstar in the history of sports. He will play against LeBron James, whose mental toughness has been called into question in the most important moments. This will be the biggest moment in LeBron’s life.

He will play against his idol. Trust me, it will start to shake a little. I claim that Michael Jordan is able to do away with the Prime LeBron James on the basis of his mentality and character alone, who can simply collapse under pressure when he is required to defeat his idol, the greatest basketball player in history,” fadeaway World quotes Bayless as saying.