The NBA is the greatest and most prestigious basketball league in the world. Every basketball player dreams of playing in the NBA. Once they get there, they are at the epitome of basketball. This article gives you an overview of the recent NBA league winners.

2018/19 Season winner

The winner for this season was Toronto Raptors after they played in the finals with Warriors. Toronto Raptors won with 58–24. Acquisition of Kawhi Leonard was one of the greatest moves by the team because he never disappointed during the season. Also, the Pascal Siakam performance improved very much during the season. Raptors had a new head coach, Nick Nurse, who made the team very successful. In the 2019/20 season, Toronto Raptors is not likely to perform like the previous season. One reason for this could the exit of the players who helped the team in the previous season such as Kawhi and Green. However, there is always a benefit of the doubt as you never know the team’s strategies for the 2019/20.

2017/18 Season winner

This season was won by the Golden State Warriors and they were also the champions of the previous season. They played in the finals with Cleveland Cavaliers. Golden State Warriors is one of the most successful teams in the recent past as they have won two out of the three recent NBA championships. Looking forward, there is a lot of uncertainty in the team. Durant who was one of the greatest players in the season exited while Thompson is unlikely to play in the 2019/20 due to injuries. The team will depend a lot on Curry hence it is not easy to predict how the team will perform in the 2019/20 season. However, because the team has been performing very well in the recent past, you should not be surprised if it takes the championship.