New York Post analyst Adam Lewis studied the stats of NBA players after the breakup of Achilles and said that they did not bode well for Kevin Durant, recovering from a similar injury, Brooklyn Nets forward.

“A study published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine shows that between 1970 and 2019, NBA players had 44 Achilles tendon ruptures. At the same time, the average performance among those who returned from this injury falls by 2.9 points.

Durant is ranked eighth in history with an average performance of 25.2. With a score of 22.3, he will be on a par with Kyrie Irving and will move from the legend level to a regular All-Star player, ”Parlons Basket quotes Lewis.

The 32-year-old Durant was selected as No. 2 in the 2007 NBA Draft by the Seattle Supersonics and was named Rookie of the Year in his debut season. In the 2013/2014 season, Kevin was named MVP for the first time, averaging 32 points, 7.4 rebounds and 5.5 assists per game. As part of the US team, he won gold in the World Cup and the Olympic Games.

Bradley Beale reacted to the desire of the NBA teams to exchange him from “Washington”

Washington Wizards attacking defender Bradley Beale has commented on interest from other NBA teams.

“When I play and see these things, I don’t let them bother me. Probably at the beginning of my career it would be like this. But now the situation is different. You realize your importance, there is an understanding that you are needed – especially for teams that want to win and win the championship.

The teams are trying. Many of them call, many ask and collect packages of proposals, trying to understand whether they can barter me. It’s not a secret. They have been doing this for the past two years.

I don’t see this as a distraction. This is a kind of sign of respect and motivation. You have to keep doing your job, play hard, be a professional. Others are drawn to such people. You need to understand what you have at Wizards, what you can get elsewhere. Appreciate your importance ”, – quotes Bila Essentially Sports.