The women’s NBA draft was held online. A new image that you should get used to, men will probably hold the ceremony in the same format. The draft will be historic not only because of Zoom and quarantine. Little witch from Oregon Sabrina Ionescu, the first peak of 2020, became known to the world long before last night. At the ceremony of saying goodbye to Kobe and Gianna Bryant, Sabrina received the floor, gave a heartfelt speech. Memories from communication and training with the Black Mamba, correspondence and instructions. Sabrina told us about the unknown Koba with a touching and firm voice.

Ionescu was a student of the Mamba, like Jason, Tatum and Kyrie Irving. Kobe came to her games at Oregon state College and did summer camp. He taught me how to throw, how to land, and most importantly, how to think. Suddenly, we realized how deeply the great Kobe had immersed himself in women’s sports. Bryant wanted to raise Jordan in a skirt from his daughter Gianna, and he saw Ionescu as a prototype of the bright future of girls ‘ basketball. Kobe is gone, but Sabrina can fulfill their shared dream. The daughter of Romanian immigrants has a chance to break through the wall of public indifference. Here are the arguments for Mademoiselle Ionescu’s success.

  1. Unique statistics

Sabrina is a loyal follower of the cases of Luca Doncic and Trey young. Ionescu is a triple-double car, which is especially piquant for women’s basket. In four seasons in College, the point guard for the Oregon Ducks collected 26 triple-doubles. Sabrina’s senior season averages are 17.5 points, 9.1 assists, and 8.6 rebounds. The accuracy of three-pointers is 40%. Throws from the center of the site – you are always welcome, the rising star performs circus tricks every day. Love curly-haired Shorty young, and love the sorceress Sabrina.

  1. The aura is great

It sounds cynical, but now is the best time to monetize involvement in Bryant’s death. If Mamba were alive, no one would care about his novices. Ionescu caught a subtle moment – she is the brightest of Kobe’s Padawans. She has endless records, a role in ceremonies, and the first draft pick. Sabrina is the new Neo, attracting the attention of spotlights and sensation-starved media. Ionescu is respected by the best players in the world, LeBron James and Kevin Durant, and Stefen Curry takes care of her in front of Under Armour. In a world where sports are all locked up, Sabrina generates hype by the simple fact of her existence.

  1. Large market

Ionescu chose the new York liberty, our lady is going to the world center of advertising opportunities. If anyone missed out, the new owner of the club is Joseph Tsai. The Chinese billionaire bought liberty from James Dolan last year, shortly before closing a deal to acquire shares in the Brooklyn nets. Under Dolan’s rule, women’s “New York” has turned sour. The team did not get out of the basement of the table, they forgot about the playoffs, the girls were even thrown out of the legendary “Madison Square garden”. Home games were played 40 kilometers from Manhattan, in the small town of white plains. Attendance is expected to dive behind the skirting Board.

  1. Agent

In swimming through the expanses of Pro sports, there is no place without a powerful agent. Sabrina was taken under the wing of an experienced businessman, bill Duffy. In the” stable ” of bill-Luka Doncic, Zach Lavin and Aaron Gordon. At the time, it was Duffy who promoted the star Yao Ming. What do these guys have in common? They have not won anything, but their highlights are breaking YouTube, they are super popular. The best Dunkers of the decade, a living legend of China, a Slovenian Prodigy, now Ionescu is the right company.

  1. Personality

A couple of days ago, Sabrina’s Instagram had 330,000 followers, and after the draft, the number exceeded 400. For comparison, the current League MVP Elena Delle Donne has 465. The launch pad Ionescu did not dream of the leaders of modern times, it can reach millions.

Sabrina is a maniac of order and organization. Her days are scheduled by the minute, exercises on the floor, the sequence of actions, everything is thought out, everything is under control. Ionescu comes to the League not just for the game, she intends to be a model of behavior. It’s funny that in College, she studied programs for building a personal brand. A rare case when the study went for the future.