Los Angeles Lakers owner Jeanie bass shared her opinion after beating the Miami Heat (4-2) in the NBA playoff final.

“I’m so proud of the team. Both on and off the site. The players made Los Angeles proud of their hard work, professionalism and dedication. They wrote their own inspiring Chapter in the great history of the Lakers. We have experienced the heartbreaking tragedy of losing our beloved Kobe Bryant and Gianna. Let this trophy be a reminder that when we pull together and believe in each other, incredible things can happen,” bass was quoted as saying by ESPN.

Bass also shared her opinion about Lakers forward LeBron James.

“LeBron is not afraid to use his platform to talk about important things without worrying about negative reactions or public opinion. He stands up for what he believes in. Thanks to his example, I have become bolder to speak openly about things that I think are right,” the Lakers owner added.

LeBron James answered the question of which of the titles is the most difficult for him

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James, after winning another title in the NBA, answered the question of journalists, which of the Championships was given to him the most difficult.

“I can’t say now that one of the Championships is easier or more difficult than the other. I will only say that I have never won a title with such an atmosphere. None of us did that. We’ve never been involved in anything like this. Our club arrived here on July 9. And now it’s October. I don’t even know the number. October 11 now?

So it was very, very difficult. The situation put pressure on the body and mind — you are away from things that you are so used to, but you need to stay professional all the time. I’ve heard skepticism from people who aren’t even in the bubble, saying they shouldn’t have gone. They just doubt what happened here. But this trip was one of my greatest achievements,” — quotes the words of James ASAP Sports.