All sports have rules that each player has to follow. In some sports, the rules are standard. However, in sports like basketball, the rules are different from one league to another as well as from one region to another. This article provides you with some of the basic rules that NBA players have to follow.

Match Duration

NBA matches are played for four twelve minutes quarters with an extra five minutes in the case of a draw. The players need to know the match duration as well as the duration of each quarter. This helps them manage their time well. For instance, a player will be able to aggressive and seek to score if they know the time is running out.

Number of Players

An NBA game consists of ten players with five players for each team. If a player leaves the game because of injury, they are replaced by the player who was previously disqualified for committing six fouls.


It is important for basketball players to be replaced since the matches are very intense. NBA doesn’t have a lot of rules on player substitutions. The teams can replace players as they wish during breaks. However, the match official must beckon the substitution.


Dribbling makes an NBA match, and it is part of the game. However, there are some things that players cannot do while dribbling. For instance, players are not allowed to touch the ball with both hands while dribbling. Also, the ball must touch down for a player to touch it again.

Tie Score

Basketball games do not have a tie. So, regardless of the scores, one team has to be declared a winner. Therefore, if there is a tie, the teams are given an extra five minutes.

This article has just listed five fundamental NBA basic rules. There are many other rules that have to be followed during the match.