Basketball columnist Tom Haberstroh doesn’t think Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James will ever achieve the same greatness as Michael Jordan. According to him, this will not happen, even if LeBron equals the number of titles with Michael and becomes a six-time champion.

“I don’t think winning titles will play a role. I don’t think it will change anything, because the “6-0″ indicator is unassailable. It is impossible to compete with the numbers 6-0. Even if LeBron wins six titles, history will say it took 12 attempts. I don’t think these titles will change the situation,” Haberstro said

Recall that Jordan won six champion titles, winning all the finals in which he participated.

Lamela Ball: Kevin Durant is the greatest player of all time

Young defenseman Lamelo ball, a participant in the upcoming NBA draft, one of his favorites and the younger brother of Lonzo ball, shared his thoughts on who is the greatest basketball player in history. Lamela did not pick Michael Jordan or LeBron James.

“The greatest player in history in my understanding? I grew up watching LeBron James play. My father told me a lot about Michael Jordan. But for me personally, statistics aside, the greatest is Kevin Durant,” ball was quoted as saying by Parlons — Basket.

Recall that Kevin Durant missed the entire last season due to injury. It is expected that he will be able to return to the floor as early as next season. Durant is listed as a member of the Brooklyn nets, but has not yet played a single game for this team.

Jason Tatum accepted Michelle Obama’s challenge

One of the leaders of the Boston Celtics, Jason Tatum, accepted the challenge of the former first lady of the United States, the wife of former President Barack Obama, Michelle Obama.

On her page, Michelle arranged a kind of challenge dedicated to the next presidential election.

“Here’s my challenge: write to three friends today and ask them to join your #VotingSquad team. Make sure they go to the polls. Join us,” Obama wrote on her Twitter page, tagging Tatum.

The basketball player answered.

“Michelle Obama, challenge accepted. You already know, I have a voting team and we have a plan,” the athlete wrote on the social network.

Recall that the US presidential election will be held in November. The current leader of the country, Donald Trump, and the candidate from the democratic party, Joseph Biden, will compete for the seat of the head of state.