Charles Barkley, a member of the National basketball Association Hall of fame, 11-time all-star and two-time Olympic champion with the U.S. national team, expressed the opinion that after the appointment of Doc rivers as head coach of the Philadelphia Sixers, team leaders Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons will have to make new demands on themselves.

“Now there will be a lot of pressure on Ben and Joel. Remember how many years you blamed Brett brown for the problems? The last three or four years. Well, brown’s gone, and Doc has a solid track record. I like him as a person, and I consider him a good mentor. So now these people will not have the opportunity for excuses in the form of shifting the blame to brown. There is a chance to ask Ben and Joel about responsibility,” Barkley is quoted as saying by The Spun.

Tyler Herro reacted to the victory of Miami in the third game with the Lakers

Miami Heat rookie Tyler Hirrow commented on his team’s victory in the third game of the NBA finals with the Los Angeles Lakers (115:104, 1-2), as well as the contribution that his partner Jimmy Butler made to the final result.

“I’m not surprised at what Jimmy managed to show. We know what he can be at times like this, and the world has seen what Butler is capable of. Today he did everything. Obviously, we’ll need that from him over the next three games. Jimmy gives us confidence. No matter how many shots we hit, he always tells us to keep going. He just needs to remain the leader he is.

In the first and second games, the Lakers were tougher and more athletic than we were. Today, we managed to show much more energy and focus. We did a good job on it, but it won’t be enough to win the series. In the next game, we have to keep getting better. I think the coach and the rest of the guys will make some adjustments,” hirrow was quoted as saying by ASAP Sports.