NBA has great players, and behind every successful player, there must be a great team working behind the scenes. There have been great coaches behind the NBA players’ success. Here is the list of some of the great NBA coaches of all time.

Some Great NBA Coaches

  • Phil Jackson

Phil is the best NBA coach in history. In addition to having nine championships, he has worked with some of the best players such as Jordan, Kobe as well as Shaq and Pippen. In his eighteen years of NBA coaching, he has 980-418 record and .703 winning percentage.

  • Red Auerbach

Red worked as Boston Celtics coach as well as an executive for thirty years. He won 9 championships with 823-426 record and a winning percentage of .659.

  • Gregg Popovich

Popovich has four championships with San Antonio Spurs. With eleven seasons, Popovich has a winning percentage of about .646.

  • Pat Riley

Riley coached the Lakers, Heat, and Knicks for a total of 24 years. In his career, he won 5 championships with a record of 1210-694 and a winning percentage of .636.

  • Larry Brown

Brown NBA 25-year coaching career is impressive with 1240-910 record and .577 winning percentage. He is among the best coaches to get poor teams.

  • Lenny Wilkens

Wilkens coached different NBA teams such as Sonics, Hawks, Knicks among others for 32 seasons. His record stands at 1332-1155 and .536 winning percentage.

  • Chuck Daly

Daly was the head coach of Pistons in the 80s. During his time, Pistons won titles, and his record was 638-437 and a winning percentage of .593.

  • Rudy Tomjanovich

Rudy coached Rockets and Lakers for thirteen years in total. During his career, he had a record of 527-416 and a .599 winning percentage.

These are some of the great NBA coaches of all time. There also other great NBA coaches who are not on this list.