Have you ever asked yourself why every basketball in the world wants to play in the NBA? There are various reasons why every single player wants to play. One of them is the benefits associated with playing for the league. This article gives details of the benefits enjoyed by the NBA players.

Huge Salaries and Perks

NBA players earn huge salaries. In fact, they are the best-paid athletes in the world. Most of them earn millions of dollars a year with the highest player getting around 28 million US dollars a year. The least paid NBA players earned around half a million US dollars. Therefore, NBA players are remunerated better than any other players in the world. They also earn money from sponsorships and commercials.

Excellent Travel Opportunities

Generally, basketball players are always travelling to different and exciting places in their effort to upgrade their game and for celebrity as well as charity events. NBA players, as well, travel a lot to different exciting locations in first and business classes and stay in five-star hotels. These are benefits that most athletes will not enjoy.

Increase in Popularity

The players enjoy popularity and association with other celebrities. They appear in TV commercials and reality shows. Again, they enjoy popularity in the United States as well as their home countries. This popularity comes with an extra benefit of promotions and sponsorships.

Great Health and Fitness

To play in NBA and any other major basketball leagues, you need to be in a certain state of physical state. This makes the players exercise intensively to maintain their fitness. This comes with health benefits as exercise prevents and kills many illnesses and conditions such as heart conditions and high blood pressure.

These are some of the benefits that NBA players enjoy. They are also part of the reasons why every professional basketball player dreams of playing at the NBA.